Benefits of Swimming Year Round With AquaSkills

Swimming is a sport and exercise that is a vital skills to acquire for a magnitude of reasons. For starters swimming improves ones overall cardiovascular system, and is boots up the circulatory system which will help the body eliminate toxins and  will be disease preventative. For children it is essential for them to start increasing their motor skills and learn swimming as a survival skills to prevent drowning. Children love the water, as a rule, and it is essential that they learn to swim and cope with the water for safety reasons. Their early exposure to swimming lessons must be with a gentle approach to encourage enjoyment. A talented instructor will build the child’s confidence and trust and teach them through games of guided discovery. As for the adults that never learned to swim with post traumatic experiences from childhood,Not to Worry it is never to late to learn to swim. Baby boomers should all be swimming a few times a week. Swimmng should be apart of their exercise routineSwimming improves flexibility and range of motion.. For people with early signs of arthritis or all kinds of body and joint aches this sport will give you a work out that will not impact your joints. The circulation is invigorating!

After learning to swim one can open their sphere of water sports enjoyment from kayaking,scuba diving,water skiiing,sailing ,ocean and lake swimming. Swimmng is truly a disease preventative sport.Mind you, we must be swimming correctly to truly embrace the benefits of swimming.It is wise to invest in professional swim instruction and it is important to have a trial session with your instructor. As with all relationships there needs to be chemistry. If you are living in the New York Metro area there is an excellent swim school in lower Manhattan 212 206 6976. They teach all aspects of swimming from over coming fear of water,to beginner swim,intermediate,stroke improvement,fitness swimming and children ages 4 +++. Invest in a body suit and swim all year round

Lori Pailet, devoted Swim instructor,artist, New Yorker,and echo boomer.Lori and Adrian both hold the American Red Cross Water Safety Certificate,Life Guard,CPR . Lori holds the AEA Aquatics Exercise Association certificate. She studied at Maryland Institute of Art and completed a Bachelors of Science at SUNY. Adrian Ginju, a former Olympic Swimmer from Romania, and professional child swimmer, winner of gold,silver and bronze medals in European Swim competitions both work own and operate Aquaskills in New York City.


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