Aquaskills Swimming Lessons in New York City Specialty Classes for Adults/ Children 4+

Fear of water also known as Aqua phobia is an abnormal and persistant fear of the water.The difference between a fear and a phobia is that a phobia gets in the way of your life.
Aqua (Water), Phobia (Fear), is more common than you  may think. We are only born with two fears.  Fear of falling and fear of loud noises. All other fears are learned.  We can try to unlearn the fears by taking baby steps. In the case of Aqua phobia you may meet with an instructor that first shows you the pool then takes baby steps to getting you in the water.

If your fear was observational, learned or from a bad experience to try and overcome this you should work with a professional swim instructor that has been highly regarded for their techniques in helping people learn to enjoy the water, and eventually learn to swim.

The process is two fold.First one has to feel the water’s viscosity and resistance, and then gain confidence. After that, we teach stroke development such as freestyle,breaststroke and all the basics for water safety including treading water.
There is no such thing as a person that can not swim. You just need to learn how and there are some basic principles to balancing your body in the water. All this can be learned.

Swimming will increase your cardio as well as improve your flexibility. Swimming will give your body an over all workout. Your life will be open to a plethora of new experiences from water skiing to kayaking to mention a few. Scuba diving is big on the list. You have to take the baby steps . Try reaching out to AquaSkills a New York based company and Request info…
First Strokes to Becoming Aquaman as seen in the nytimes

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