Best training in  NYC Metro Area! Here is an email we received we will keep the names anonymous!

Lori, hi!

You called me last month re: swim lessons.  I am interested in taking lessons with you or school.
I am 44 years old.  I have tried to learn to swim when I was 20 and most recently in Nov. – March with Asphalt Green.

I was not successful.  I spent a great deal of money with them. The instructor ignored my requests to teach me to float and not once did he enter the water with me.  I was never comfortable enough to freely allow my body to swim as I am not comfprtable not having terra firma immediately beneath me.  Yes, I am afraid to drown, but I am not afraid of water.  In fact, I love water and I want to learn to snorkel and dive eventually. I cannot do this without learning to be comfortable in water and being able to swim.

I only have until July 5th to be in the country, and then I will be away.

Do you have a technique that will serve an indivudual with my needs?

I was not able to go to the special classes offered by Melon. Are you familiar with her school?  Her school specifically targets individuals with my needs.  Again, I can’t make it to her classes, but I believe I need lessons with her approach. (*Although our approach has been more recently touted by the press as the Way to go!!!! *)Our classes are flexible and easy to enroll in.

Swimming is a life long and necessary skill I need.  I hope you can accomodate me in your program.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


p.s. Is it possible to schedule 2 classes per week for the six classes?

No problem we can create your own schedule!!!

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