– Aqua Phobia is a persistent fear of the water. A fear can be known, therefore it is declarative, as well as unknown and in that case you have no idea where the fear comes from.

Water is a natural environment for human beings but as we grown and enter into the world some people have bad experiences with the water. This creates fear memory . At Aquaskills  Swim School we work very closely with our students to unlearn what ever it was that caused them to stay away from the water. Fear can be a good thing. For instance if we knew that we could not fly, we should not jump from the window. A phobia goes beyond a fear, it is deeper, it as abnormal and persistant and can lead to obstructing a person from a wide range of experiences that could open them up to new dimensions.

Freedom from fear is liberating, as well as it is rewarding for us to watch our students transform from land to water.

Swimming is a vital skill, that can be used for exercise.Swimming can also literally save your life.

Swimming is excellent cardio work-out,it is aerobic,has amazing effects on our overall  blood circulation has we oxygenate our muscles while breathing and moving. Swimming cal eliminate toxins from your body. The intensity of the work out can alleviate depression. As we age it is an incredible exercise because of the zero impact on the joints . It is a wonderful way rehabilitate your muscles, a  way to start moving again after long bouts of sedentary living, as a result of injury after bed rest, or for people with arthritis, or MS.The cooling effects of the water as the body heat increases as we work out keeps one refreshed. We are 10% our body weight in water so if you are feeling over weight,under exercised, it is a great place to start because swimming increases your metabolism without putting any strain on your joints.

Aquaskills Swim School in lower Manhattan in New York City near the world’s financial district is a unique learning center. All of our instructors are trained to work with people psychologically as well as to convey the understanding and principles of hydrodynamics.

We advocate that it is never to late to learn and overcoming fear is empowering and will reflect in the confidence you have with the rest of your life.

Fear No More! We are here to help.

We teach ages 4+ and have flexible schedules that cater to busy adults beginner swim, triathlon training, swimming for fitness and all aspects of water safety from treading, breathing techniques and correct form, beginner,advanced,to over coming your fear of water. 

AQUASKILLS Swim School’s Movie is Launching This Month as a Download on our site and on other online stores.

Over Coming Fear Of Water you Are Not Alone © has an interesting cast of characters that address Fear from different perspectives.

Executive Producer Lori Pailet

This film is a very inspirational informative documentary New Age self-help educational genre with great music. Includes Diana Nyad the marathon Swimmer,Annie Bloom LMFT, Kat Gardiner Kundalini Yoga Expert and Craig Hain Former Professional Swimmer now teacher,and principal instructor at Aquaskills in New York City ,all addressing and expressing the FREEDOM of OVERCOMING FEAR…and how Life is really maximized.

Aquaskills Swim School is coming out with a  film titles Aquaskills Overcoming Fear of Water, You Are Not Alone, that covers the topic of Aqua Phobia. that will be available as a download on the site hand on other online stores, stay tuned for the updates. Aquaskills Swim School is based in New York City for information regarding classes please contact us  Always include your cell phone number. ..please use a personal email address we will send you our e-brochure. 212 206 6976

Music Courtesy ofTim Wheater – Tim Wheater | Healing music for the New Age

Award winning composer, flautist, vocalist, performer and public speaker Tim Wheater has presented his acclaimed inspirational music all over the world and this specific track is is on Invisible Journeys. Stay tuned for The fill 44 minute film which will launch this July 2013 

©2011-2012 AQUASKILLS LLC All U.S.A. Rights Reserved
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