Swimming Classes in New York City Aquaskills

Aquaskills is a boutique swimming school in lower Manhattan going on their 14th year of teaching people from the ground up how to swim, famous for their adult classes. We also cover classes from fear of the water, beginner swim all the way to training people for the Navy Seals, the military ,NYPD and many younger people for teams. Numerous students have qualified for teams after training with Craig, one of the top instructors, through dedication and persistence Aquaskills manages to stay on top of their game.We also cover swim for fitness with absolute form, and lap swimming for endurance. There is no other swim school in New York City that has been covered by the NYTIMES, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, CBS NEWS and FORBES INDIA, Memorial Day 2014  we aired on FOXMUNDO. Our  passion can not be beat by fancy marketeers.

The subway connivence could not be better. The 2-3-4-5-A-C-and J-Z train exit in New York City’s FULTON STREET, near WALL ST.,the SOUTH STREET SEAPORT or WORLD TRADE CENTER,

to give you an idea of the landmarks.

Aquaskills swim school was created in 2004 and the school is the brainchild of Adrian Ginju a former Olympic Swimmer from Romania and Lori Pailet and avid swimmer and now a professional teacher. Lori Pailet operates and owns Aquaskills Swim School in 2014 and has the most qualified instructors in New York City. Our instructor are professional trainers that have made a career of teaching aquatics.

The school has one primary location, even after 11 years, because our location is far superior to what the other locations have to offer. The fact that the subway exit is literally down the street or across the street makes taking the classes so easy. We adore our students and we make sure that the student get’s their monies worth and will have a complete experience with us. There s no up-selling at Aquaskills. Go to http://www.Aquaskills.com upper right hand corner,Quick Contact Form link takes you to a form, please submit your information, we will email you our flyer with prices, and call you back as well. Pricing includes 1 hour long customized classes, no registration fee, no credit card necessary,flexible scheduling, and space permitting free practice after the class. The introduction class is $98, for you to experience us, all paperwork is required on site before we give a class. Looking forward to meeting you soon and teaching you how to swim. Lori, Director Aquaskills LLC


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