Craig Swim Instructor Extraordinaire Aquaskills’s Swim School’s Finest Great Reviews

Name: Angelica Martinez
Comment: I just completed my first 10 lessons with a wonderful swim instructor- Craig. From my very first lesson, he made me feel comfortable and immediately helped me overcome my fear of water. I remember entering the class thinking there’s no way I will be able to float, let alone, exhale underwater. I am happy to say, 10 lessons later, not only am I able to float and exhale underwater, I’m able to swim across their pool- a goal I didn’t expect to achieve with just 10 lessons. Craig has always been so patient and really listens to what you have to say. He uses that to help you find your comfort zone and overcome any obstacle inhibiting you from progressing in your swimming abilities. Lori and Judith are sweethearts as well. They’re patient and devoted to their profession. I have recommended Aqua Skills to my family and friends. You guys are truly amazing. Xoxo


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