Official Aquaskills Adult Swim Classes

TrioSwimAquaLori-Pailet-2Aquaskills caters to adults overcoming fear of water, or complete technical stroke development. We also teach children ages 4 and up. We have an open enrollment which means that you can sign up any time. We always start with an intro class first so you can see if Aquaskills Swim School will be a good fit.

We are open year round and everyone wants to consider learning to swim before summer is over, take swim lessons for a great holiday you can plan for September or January, Swim classes are also low impact so a great exercise for runners and all other sportment as well as baby boomers with a need to keep moving because of the zero impact on the joints.This will also make you safe for other water related sports. Sailing, kayaking scuba diving and open water swimming.

After Swim Classes in NYC with Aquaskills you can attempt to go into the ocean, Carribean or lakes only with another person that is a strong swimmer, please do not swim alone. Always find out from a local person about the body of water. Ask if there are any sharks, or any other dangerous creatures, even jellyfish in August at the Atlantic. ASK QUESTIONS!Learning to swim in a pool is one thing but the natural bodies of water have currents and undertows, as well as rip tides. Always go to a place where there is a lifeguard but ask questions. Ask the lifeguard if it is safe to swim that day and what are the tides like?

If you take an intro class with Aquaskills expect this. We will teach you something during that session as well as review what you are doing.If you never took a class before Aquaskills concentrates on first relaxing you in the water, and slowly breaks into stroke development with drills. Once we do the breathing drills you will already start to feel more comfortable. Most non swimmers have a fear of putting their face in the water.Overcoming fear of water really has been Aquaskills marquee, there are other schools trying to advertise this kind of program but Aquaskills is the Original School that was first covered in 2011 by the NYTimes by George Gustines, “First Strokes to Becoming Aquaman”. George has been with the New York Times for over 20 years and is an avid comic book fan that follows Marvel. Then Wall Street Journal followed with stories about adults learning to swim in financial district, and stats on aquaphobia. CBS News, Forbes India, Fox Mundo, have all covered Aquaskills swim school. In 2014 Sonny Kleinfeld a pulitzer prise winning journalist with the NYTimes called in to Aquaskills office wanting to do a story. I answered the phone (Lori) and told him we had done that previously in 2011. He told me that the NYTimes said that the readership was so high covering that story that they wanted to do an in depth human interest piece with me teaching an Aquaphobic soup to nuts on video. called the long format. I seriously had never met Attis Clopton before, he was a prospective student in the inbox. I convinced Attis to do this project with me over the phone. We met for the first time at Spa 88, 88 Fulton St. New York,N.Y. to submerge Attis on camera for the first time in his life he is seen putting his face in the water. After 10 long arduous sessions Attis was good enough to go swim at Far Rockaway Beach. I was truly amazed that his life was transformed to extremely. He did do a lot of overtime practice so I would strongly advise to take our 12 session package if you are having fear of water. We also have smaller programs for those that just want the experience.

Henceforth the video “A Liquid Fear” was born and the story of Aquaskills and Attis making the FIRST PAGE OF THE NYTIMES Labor Day issue, 2014. This edition circulated around the world. Aquaskills received telephone calls from people that identified with Attis and wanted to learn to swim with Aquaskills, from all over the world. I (Lori) did a PBS spot, We had our 15 minutes of fame to quote Andy Warhol ,but what really did have  was a captured audience of people that  had a lifetime fear of water . The story allowed people with Aquaphobia to realize they are not alone and it is more common than they think,feel comfortable about coming out of their embarrassment and taking the plunge.

Giving credit to N.R. Kleinfeld the writer that has written a story that helped to give people the confidence to face their fear of the water and  to change many lives. Overcoming fear of water liberates a person so that they will feel empowered …. We are waiting for your call 212 206 6976.


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