Aquaskills Swim School in NYC Has an Enormous Following Since 2003. We have taught “over 5000” people how to swim, get over their fears, and be safe in the water.We made the “Front Page” of the NY TIMES, it wasn’t luck, it was the universe responding to our vibrations for the Love of Teaching, Lori Pailet and Craig Hain Pull it off!-Now,that’s a lot of People that are now free to fly in the water,we always want you to be happy, and will always listen to you, just talk to us!

Like many who work in the Financial District, Lori   heads to work before the sun is up. But instead of jumping into an early meeting at an investment bank or law office, Lori a meets her clients poolside for a morning dip. As the owner and director of Aquaskills, she spends her days helping New Yorkers reach their aquatic potential.

A former artist and designer, Lori has been sharing her passion for swimming since Aquaskills was founded in the early 2000s. She is driven by a desire to help individuals engage safely and happily with the water. Through her hard work and determination, the school has become a go-to for all walks of life looking to learn to swim for the first time, or refine their technique. Along with a team of trained instructors, Lori offers a wide range of classes and lessons depending on skill level, but specializes in adults who either have aquaphobia or who never even learned to dog paddle. Lori was even featured in a NY Times piece last summer about aquaphobia, the story following drummer Attis Clopton as he overcame his fear of water.

We spoke with Lori to find out more on her own journey into the pool, and how she approaches those learning to swim for the first time.

In ’89, some people broke into my office building and I was attacked. When I was running away, I tore my ACL in the left knee. Both of my knees became very disabled and I spent years in physical therapy. After that, I spent a lot of time in the pool.



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