Furhan A. Review on YELP 7/29/2017


Lori and her aqua skills staff are Miracle workers in only 4 lessons in!… I signed up for aqua skills after reading and seeing Loris article in the NYtimes.  She specializes in ADULTS who have fear of water and also who can’t swim/tread water.  This isn’t the YMCA where you will get a a 15 year old kid who is going to show you how to blow bubbles and kick for half an hour …it’s professional ADULTS who work with you talk to you to understand what it is that is your weakness and then work
With you with their undivided attention and knowledge of water.  I appreciate Loris No BS style of teaching ..for myself who did not know how to swim or tread water and have zero confidence in the water  I did not want to be babied ..I needed to be told what I’m doing wrong and what to do to correct it.  I purchased an 8 lesson package and with only 4 in I put it to the test in a pool while on vacation and could not have been more ecstatic where I was swimming…it wasn’t technique it wasn’t breathing but it was the CONFIDENCE  instilled into you from Lori and her staff ..I was so grateful that my wife who forced me to take these lessons chose aqua skills .. special thanks to Lori, Craig, and Eric who are amazing instructors looking forward to finishing strong with this great crew!

Posted by Lori Pailet because YELP removes positive 5 star reviews


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