Happy Student Summer 2017 Loves Aquaskills a Yelp Review

Marybel P.
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Lori and Craig have been great in teaching me to swim and in one day I have learned a lot. I am still going to their classes and they are awesome. They find my problems quickly when I swim and they explain/they swim to show me what I needs to be done. Once they do that, I do exactly that and I succeed in that lesson. They are very patient in teaching. I also have personal problems occuring in my life now and I keep forgetting the time and /or date of my classes twice but Lori quickly accomodated me without any issues. I am so grateful that she has been such a sweetheart with me in so many ways. This place is just totally awesome and peaceful. It’s like being away on vacation, sort of. It’s a moment of peace for me…


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