Over-Coming Fear of Water is a More Common Issue than One Thinks*Swim Class with AquaSkills is For Adults as well as Children*

Why this happens is for a number of reasons. Perhaps the person is from a country or culture that did not see swimming skills as fundamental learning objectives. Maybe the person was from a land locked environment. Oftentimes the fear is passed on by the parents. This can become endemic to a whole group of people from generation to generation. Swimming is considered one of the best forms of exercise especially for people as they age because of the waters zero impact on the person’s joints. Summer activities will be focused on the cooling and refreshing aspects of water from pools, lakes to oceans. Water sports become alive from scuba diving, sailing water skiing and surfing. To do any of these activities it is imperative to learn to swim for Safety reasons. Over Coming fear of water and learning to swim will prevent drowning accidents. When seeking instruction one should look for a mature professional devoted instructor that will understand how to help you overcome any hidden phobias. Scouring the internet we came across this brief testimonial written by a man that had suffered from fear of water.” The man who finally got me past my fears was Adrian Ginju, a former member of the Romanian Olympic swimming team and now a private coach in New York. No one had more tricks than Adrian. He kept throwing new exercises at me, new strokes, and new challenges: now jump into the deep end, now do a somersault underwater, now pick up your goggles from the bottom of the pool. One day I swam a single stroke, took a breath, and swam another. I was so surprised that I nearly drowned.” Jason Devitt, March 2006 Brash.com

Adrian Ginju can be found at http://www.AquaSkills.com 212 206 6976 along with his associate Lori Pailet 646 724 7024. They are both full time dedicated swimming instructors in New York City. The instructors have a proven amount of skill and an extra touch of psychological insight to help you over come your fear.First they offer a trial class. This is a full one hour long session where you will be in the water working with your instructor. If the chemistry is right then you can sign up after the trial. This way you can build your comfort level with the instructor before you make a commitment.

Adrian Ginju a former member of the Romanian Olympic Swim Team and winner of international swim competitions teaches swimming in New York City with his own company along with his co-founder Lori Pailet http://www.AquaSkills.com. Adrian Ginju and Lori Pailet hold all of the American Red Cross Water safety certification.as well as brings his own well earned experience to the pool while teaching.Aquaskills is a unique private swim school with both male and female instructors in NYC that has a strong focus on skill and technique. We specialize in Adult Over Coming Fear of Water,beginner swim as well as triathlon training for Chidren and Adults. Our schedule is flexible and we are open Sundays as well.212 206 6976


Lori Pailet
New York, NY 10014
Tel: 212 206 6976

Cell: 646 724 7024




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