Exercise and Cross Train With Swimming in NYC With Aquaskills

If you want to get the best work out it really comes down to cross training. Cross training is when you mix your routine with a few different kinds of exercises. Adding swimming with elongate your muscles and give your body an overall work out that isometric training does not.

There are four basic categories — endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Most people tend to focus on one activity or type of exercise and think they’re doing enough. Each type is different, though. Doing them all will give you more benefits, henceforth “cross-training” Mixing  up your repertoire also helps to reduce boredom and cut your risk of injury. It is best to lighten the stress factor on ones body by doing more than one thing.

This is why when you come to Aquaskills Swim Classes in New York City it will be in your best interest to learn more than one swimming stroke such as freestyle, breaststroke, all the back strokes, the side stroke, and the safety basics like floating and treading water. You can they work out by doing laps with what is professionally called an IM, an individual medley, mixing up the strokes with different laps.

Swimming as an  activity fit into more than one category. For example, many endurance activities, which swimming is,also build strength. Strength exercises also help improve balance. 

Swimming crosses over many of the four categories.

Endurance, or aerobic, activities increase your breathing and heart rate. They keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy and improve your overall fitness. As a result, they delay or prevent many diseases that are common in older adults such as diabetes and heart disease. Building your endurance makes it easier to carry out many of your everyday activities.

Some Examples Are:

  • Brisk walking or jogging
  • Yard work (mowing, raking, digging)
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Climbing stairs or hills
  • Playing tennis
  • Playing basketball

We have strength training equipment that we bring to the pool so that you can do this in an aquatic environment.


Strength exercises make your muscles stronger. Even small increases in strength can make a big difference in your ability to stay independent and carry out everyday activities, such as climbing stairs and carrying groceries. These exercises also are called “strength training” or “resistance training.”

We can do all of this in the water

Lifting weights(We have sandbag velcro weights)

Using a resistance band

Balance exercises help prevent falls, a common problem in older adults. 

Many lower-body strength exercises also will improve your balance.

Standing on one foot

Heel-to-toe walking in the water

Water-Tai Chi

Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can help your body stay limber. Being flexible gives you more freedom of movement for other exercises as well as for your everyday activities

Let’s not forget to do Shoulder and upper arm stretches and  Calf stretches before and after a work-out.

Yoga is an excellent way to combine strength training with flexibility.

The water and Swimming is an interesting place to do many of these land activities.

Start now and preserve your body, because aging gracefully and smart will give you a hugh edge on life in all arenas from work, to pleasure, to self empowerment, because gravity pulls, lets resist it and start moving.

Enroll today

 http://www.Aquaskills.com 212 206 6976 call for a live representative We are here to help you and help you understand our program.


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